I currently recommend downloading the latest Stable Dev Release, as it fixes many bugs from jzIntv 1.0 Beta 4.

Click on one or more of the download links at the right to download the appropriate binaries for your system and/or the source code. The source code also contains the complete source for SDK-1600. The two have been merged into one complete package.

If you just want the emulator, download the ZIP file labeled for the type of machine you have. For example, Windows users should download "jzintv-20200712-win32-sdl2.zip". This contains the jzIntv emulator and the SDK-1600 tools.

If you would like to try your hand programming Intellivision, have a look in the 'doc' and 'examples' folders inside the archive you downloaded. These are included by default now in the Stable Dev builds. If you don't have these folders, download either jzintv-20200712-src.zip or jzintv-1.0-beta4-src.zip. The Stable Dev Build is generally the better choice relative to Beta4.


RECOMMENDED: Current Stable Dev Version

OLD, NOT RECOMMENDED: jzIntv 1.0 Beta 4

I would also like to thank the following people, in no particular order:
  • Carl Mueller, Jr
  • William Moeller
  • Scott Nudds
  • Tim Lindner
  • John Tanner
  • Joe Fisher
  • Frank Palazzolo
  • Pedro Giffuni
  • Arnauld Chevallier
  • Chad Schell
  • Kyle Davis
  • Rick Reynolds
  • John Dullea
  • David Rolfe
  • Mark Zenier
  • Doug Parsons
  • Michael Hayes
  • Daniele Moglia
  • The INTVPROG crew
  • The Blue Sky Rangers and the APh crew
  • And many many others who've provided code, bug reports, insight,
    feedback, or simply encouragement. The list could go on forever.
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Intellivision® is a trademark of Intellivision Productions. Joe Zbiciak, jzIntv and SDK-1600 are not affiliated with Intellivision Productions.